Red Wine Stains


Remember: when you add something to a red wine stain it is no longer a red wine stain. A red wine stain can be removed relatively easily by a professional, but home remedies will often set the stain or ruin the carpet pile.


Some Do's & Dont's


Don't pour white wine on it.

Do drink the wine. Pouring it on a red wine spill only dilutes the red. (same for soda water)

It won't fix the problem. Adding more liquid only creates other problems.


Don't use a supermarket carpet "cleaner" on it unless you have the means to rinse the carpet.

Leaving products like Preen & Vanish in your carpet without rinsing can result in colour loss.


Don't try home remedies recommended by forums etc on the internet. The people giving their advice have no idea of your carpet type or construction.


Don't pour salt over the stain. Unless you can get your carpet cleaner out the next day to remove it. Salt is ok if it stops you trying other things. Salt can bleach carpet so it has to be removed promptly. It won't help with the red wine either. If you've ever dyed clothes, you know that salt is used to set the dye.


Don't ever (never ever) use carb soda (bicarb, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda) whether mixed with vinegar or not. We see more damaged carpet caused by this than anything else.


Don't rub at the stain. You risk permanently damaging the carpet fibres or causing pile distortion. The stain can be removed, but you will be left with damaged carpet.


Do blot the stain with a clean cloth, kitchen paper, tissues etc asap. The sooner the better.


Do use a damp cloth to blot, don't pour more water onto the carpet. 


Cheaper reds will often contain a food dye. This can dye your carpet and may not be removeable.