Pets & Carpets


As a carpet cleaner I've seen reptiles, rabbits, birds, goats, cats, and dogs of all types and sizes living with their owners on the carpet. Obviously a smaller, house trained animal isn't going to cause a problem inside. Or is it?


If your pet sheds or moults, you will need to regularly vacuum using a vac with a powerhead. Suction only vacuum cleaners will struggle with pet hair. 


If your pet has access to a yard with Port Macquarie red dirt in it, and comes inside with wet feet, you will have a problem. 


If your pet rubs against your furniture they will deposit their body oils on it over a period of time. This will break down and create odours. You may not smell it but your visitors may. 


Cats and some dogs will dig or scatch in carpet with obvious damage. Training can stop this from happening.


Young animals and those that are not house trained can pose a threat to your carpets and your health. Any accidents that are not promptly treated will damage wool carpets, and may soak into your underlay, which acts as a large sponge. Carpets are made of several layers of materials, and these can separate. Bacteria can multiply rapidly which can create odours and can also be a health hazard. Pet urine is raw sewage. Do you really want it in your carpet?


Pets can also vomit on carpet. The problem here is that many pet foods contain dyes and food colourings to make them look more attractive to humans. The pets don't care! These dyes can permanently stain (read dye) your carpet so prompt cleaning is required. If your pet has a habit of disgorging its food, make sure its food is the same colour as your carpet. (industry joke)




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