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Vacate/End of Lease Cleaning - If you're moving out of a rental property and need to get the carpets cleaned, give us a call. If you need the whole place cleaned, give us a call. If you have had pets we are licensed to do a flea treatment. Note: Flea infestations are NOT covered with EOL flea treatments. We can give you the names of cleaners we work with, and trust to do a good job. Don't forget windows, fans, and ovens may need cleaning as well.


Start of Lease Cleaning - If you're moving in, check that the carpets look clean, and there is no pet hair around the edges. Although the landlord has told you that the carpets have been cleaned, their standards may not match yours. You and perhaps your children will be the ones sitting on the floor, so it may be wise to ensure the carpets are clean. Too often we hear "they weren't that clean when we moved in" at the end of a lease. With the house empty it is an ideal time to have a full pest control treatment.


New Home Cleaning - Congratulations, you are moving into your new home.

While many sellers do get the carpets cleaned for you before settlement, they don't have to.

It may pay to check with the sellers and arrange carpet cleaning before you move in. It's much

easier and effective for us to clean an empty house before the furniture arrives. Again, 

with the house empty it is an ideal time to have a full pest control treatment.


Sold Your House? Congratulations. Don't want the new owners telling the neighbours

how dirty the carpet was when you left? Give us a call and we'll take care of it.


WARNING There are often general cleaners in Port Macquarie that have purchased carpet cleaning equipment. With little or no training they offer carpet cleaning services. It is in your best interest to not let them practice on your carpets. You may have to pay for replacement, repair, or re-cleaning. It is safest to stick with professional carpet cleaners. See our article on How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner for more details.


Average House? Our prices quoted over the phone are for an average 3 - 4 bedroom house in town. If your house is very small, a mansion, or 50kms down a dirt track the standard prices won't apply.

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