Hints and Tips


Carpet is a common floor covering which we don't need to think much about, until we spill something on it and have to clean it up. If you spill something on carpet, the secret to stop a spot becoming a stain is time. The quicker you can remove whatever is on the carpet, the better the chance of removal, and the less chance of it becoming a permanent stain.

Always blot spills on carpet - never rub, as this can damage the carpet fibres, and will look worse than the spill. Work from the outside in with a damp cloth to avoid spreading the mark.

Many household cleaners can damage or bleach carpets, especially wool carpets. Avoid things like window cleaners, sugar soap, laundry soap & detergent, dish washing liquid.

Use a WoolSafe approved spotter. This will have been tested by WoolSafe and be safe for wool carpets. If it is safe for wool it will be safe for synthetic carpets.

Carpet protectors - check your carpets warranty. Most will be void if a protector is applied during the warranty period.